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epiROOF EPDM Rubber

A high quality EPDM rubber membrane to waterproof roofs and decks.

epiROOF® is a high quality EPDM rubber membrane used to provide waterproofing protection for a variety of roofing and exterior deck applications.

The epiROOF® system is a fully bonded rubber membrane applied over concrete, steel, fibre cement boards or construction plywood substrates.  epiROOF® has been independently appraised as an Accepted Solution under E2/AS1 and as an Alternative Solution under the NZBC.

Why epiROOF®?

  • EPDM Membrane
    EPDM membranes have over 40 years of extensive use internationally.  EPDM is regarded as one of the most durable membranes available. Furthermore, EPDM typically demonstrates a much higher elongation after ageing than other membranes.  This is particularly important when working on timber substrates which are prone to movement.

  • History of Use
    In addition to the benefits of being an EPDM membrane, epiROOF® has extensive history of use.  First installed in 1965, literally hundreds of millions of square metres have been installed since that time.  epiROOF® has been used in some of the most demanding projects including the Toyota manufacturing facilities in Japan.

  • Multi-functional Adhesive
    The two-part low solvent epiBOND® adhesive gives a high performance bond.  epiBOND® is used to adhere the epiROOF® to the substrate and undetake all detailing work.  No special seam primers or other solvents are required.

  • epiTAPE® System
    epiTAPE® is used in all lap joints to ensure an intimate seal.  epiTAPE® is a non volcanised rubber, that vulcanises over time to produce an almost indestructible water tight seal.


When fixed according to specification, the epiROOF® system will meet the NZBC B2.3.1 (b) requirements of 15 year durability. epiROOF® meets the ASTM D6134 standard required by the Department of Building & Housing E2/AS1 Acceptable Solution for NZ3604.

The durability opinion given by BRANZ states that when subjected to normal conditions of environment and use, epiROOF® is expected to have a service life of at least 20 years.  Case histories of the epiROOF® systems plus extensive thermal ageing and ozone testing indicates the epiROOF® system is durable for in excess of 40 years.